The term Military Economic Cycle is the term used to describe the entire economic conglomerate that exists around the defense economy. The military economic cycle, a name that corresponds to an economicist vision of the defense economy, is also called the arms cycle. In any case, both denominations refer to the cycle that describes the itinerary of the armament production from the moment in which it is decided to have public military budgets to cover the supposed need of having armaments until their final use. The database of the Delàs Center for Peace Studies is organized according to this analysis.

In the Database of the Military Economic Cycle of Spain of the Delàs Center for Peace Studies you can consult data on military spending, arms transfers, financing of arms, the military industry and the bodies of the Armed Forces. You can consult the database using the drop-down menu on the main menu or from the links provided here.

A tab is provided to expand on aspects of the International Military Economic Cycle, the drop-down menu allows us to access data on the European arms trade through the ENNAT (European Network Against Arms Trade) data, the official European Union search engine, also data from SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) on the global arms trade and military expenditure, as well as the arms industry and finally data on arms financing.

The Database has received funding from various public institutions:

Institut Català Internacional per la Pau;

in the framework of the project ” Davant l’emergència climàtica: pacifisme. Construcció de noves narratives per avançar cap a la pau ambiental i la justícia climàtica” for updating and improving the selection and filtering of data.

in the framework of the project “Apropem el cicle econòmic militar a les campanyes del moviment per la pau: Una base de dades millorada i més accessible” of 2019, to improve the search engines of the arms trade and update data of 2018-2019.

Diputació de Barcelona. Department of International Relations;

in the framework of the project “Disarmament of conflicts and tensions, protection of human rights. Reduïm les exportacions d’armes europees” from 2018-2020, to initiate the new interface of the search engines of the arms trade.

Barcelona City Council. Direcció de Justícia Global i Cooperació Internacional;

in the framework of the project “Disarmament of our institutions, from Armed Banking to Ethical Banking II” of 2019-2021, to improve the interface and search engines of the arms financing section.